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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Milkybar choo.. no more?

when my cousin today threw a chocolate bar with the usual white gold wrap, without looking it ripped it off and while i had a bite.. felt somekinda wierd odd feeling as though i swallowed a live goose head.. well.. this was not what i expected.. i saw again the wrapper and found that the Choo has been replaced by crisp.. yuck!.. well the milky bar has joined with others too i thought.. this was no different from most of the bars available in the market.. the choo which i loved would have the real chewy effect in mouth which made it stand apart from the usual.. never again and never before i had any other chewy bar like that.. there were this chewy toffees.. but a bar was different and the milky flavour lingered in mouth for long.. the strawberry filled centre which was released for a short time in the middle, was also too good.. miss the choo.. who said chocolates were only for girls.. hope it comes back in market..

Friday, January 15, 2010

Five Point Someone

i had decided after the realease of three idiots that i have to read this novel and then see the movie.. it was everyones recommendation too.. sis had this novel bought recently and said proudly that she had it finished in one day and was real good.. i had these two or three days of olidays and decided to study that time.. 

was a very small book actually..neatly resented.. simle language.. well the author, chetan bhagat had indeed done a neat job.. the way things were expressed was quite good and had all the ingredients an average teen ager would except and t was like a reflection of every collage student or everyone would be having friends as them.. i dunno how the book would be for the girls brain.. but i read many positive reviews from the girls side too.. though there were only a single girl charachter in the book..and neatly portrayed.. the book has won considerable votes on the girls side too.. the story about three friends and their unusual(actually it was kinda usual and would ve happened to everyone which made the book closer to the reader) life in IIT..well the hostel life kinda reminded me my high school days.. while the ragging ,weed,vodka was my present life.. (no i was not the other two kind and was much like alok in the book).. and i guess this would not be suitable to have it limited to a must read for small portion of the age groups.. every year they make up one semester it feels on our side a bit low that the book is goin to end.. but things just get better.. the title "What not to do in IIT" is quite apt.. and this book points out the other sides of IITs which many may not know quite.. the book talks about love,fear,nerds,mischiefs with friendship as the main ingredient in its cocktail of emotions filled through the pages..the end was quite disappointing but.. it was like the whole expected lot, was getting over in a few paragraphs.. could ve made an elaborate ending.. but maybe thats what makes the book interesting.. and for the author chetan bhagat, of course, this creation doesn show his debutness even a bit..surely worth reading.. a cotton candy which melts soon..

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My review on the transformer Beat

I've never written a Car Review before.. but this time, i thought why not? afterall i kinda liked this car after reading the review from team-bhp.. mainly for its low pricing and its mileage..(18.6 is pretty good rite?..) the front grill with Logo, is kinda grand and not to mention about the Big.. infact HUGE, HeadLamps in front with a barrel shaped feature.. Of course the front is grand.. which i personally love it the body on the whole is awesome looking.. with a true real sporty look.. the car has an awesomespeedometer which is obviously different from the others.. and in the night, the blue lighting is real cool.. the back seat is the MAIN problem i heard.. and it obviously is.. the side is placed a lil higher than the front.. may give a sexy look from the outside but from the inside a true strange inside a bucket like feeling may rise.. the front seats and the console is good, which makes this as a drivers machine.. a diesel variant would come only after a year i heard.. i thought first seeing the side that this maybe like the temp folding the front to get to the back.. but thank god.. they ve provided a 'hidden' like handle at the back..
and this s a transformer car they say..(ve seen t as a side kick in the film..).. whateve.. but i kinda really like thae zippy zappy looks of the beat.. :) waiting to test the ride someday.. ;)